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Help! I need more storage

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

One thing we're often called upon to help with is gaining more storage space. Nowadays - thanks to at home gyms, offices, playrooms - our homes have multi-purpose use and with that comes an awful lot of stuff! And as we see the impact of the pandemic continue, it's likely this sharing of space will continue for some time yet.

So how can we help? Carpenters are great at finding creative ways to maximise space. We recently plasterboarded a loft space making that a fully functional and safe place to store goods. We can also help add shelving into even the most difficult spaces, such as under the stairs or in awkward shaped alcoves.

People also often overlook the use of a lean-to. These can be great ways of adding some additional waterproof outdoor storage for things like bicycles, patio furniture or the family's muddy boots.

In need of some extra space? Take a look at our Facebook or Instagram for some inspiration. And then give us a call to work out the best way to make the most of your home. A perfect excuse to buy that next set of dumbbells or that case of vinyl you had your eye on.

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