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Do I need a carpenter for that?

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

When you think of carpentry does your mind automatically think of someone making tables, cupboards or shelving? And are you aware of the difference between a carpenter and a joiner? (Read more on this here) You may be surprised to know that carpentry covers much more than just furniture making. Essentially, if you have a job in your house that involves timber, then a carpenter is what you need!

This includes things like loft boarding in your attic where plasterboard is fixed onto a structure/existing beams; a brilliant way to make your loft space more usable by turning it into a functioning space. Or a task such as flooring; sometimes a job is simply laying the boards but occasionally carpenters will spot the need to replace or fix joists too. Having a carpenter doing the job means you avoid delays and only require one call-out. And in extensions or new builds, floors often need to be created from scratch. Again, a carpenter is what you need for that.

What about a simple wooden porch or carport? Yep, that's carpenters too. Decking and fencing? Yep, you guessed it. In fact getting a carpenter involved in a lot of outdoor tasks can prove invaluable. When installing a shed for example, you might find the door is better suited on the other side or that a window would be useful. We can help turn a flat-pack shed into a bespoke storage space. And do you have a spot in the garden that would be perfect for a playhouse but you can't find anything on the market for your specification? Again, it's the type of thing we'd love to help you out with!

The list is endless and we're usually very well connected too. We can put you in touch with electricians, plasterers and plumbers who can help finish the job. And when working on extensions and renovations, as one of the first trades on site and some of the last to leave, it's fair to say our clients get to know us very well.

So if you're looking to book a trade but don't know where to start, chances are a carpenter would be a good first call!

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