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Bespoke doesn't have to mean budget breaking

One of our most common requests is for help with fitted wardrobes. Storage is crucial and people want help to maximise space, while having something look great too. Depending on the space, the material used or the finish, the price of bespoke wardrobes can differ hugely.

The good news is there's a clever hack that can you help you save some money while delivering on the finish you want...flat pack furniture. Now, as a carpenter, I'll always fight for the use of quality, high finish wood but that doesn't mean that flat pack doesn't have it's place. One way we commonly use it is to work as the shell for a wardrobe set up. We'll then add trim to ensure it looks as though it's been specially designed for the space it's in. This means you don't have to compromise on final look-and-feel despite the lower price point.

And don't be put off if your space is awkward or uneven, that's where our skills come in! We can still use the shells from flat pack but can make modifications that ensure they fit nicely into any spaces in your home.

The best way to begin the process is to decide on the design you want - we recommend looking on Pinterest and on the suppliers' site for inspiration - take some initial measurements for the space you're thinking of and then give us a call. We can work with you to decide on the best configuration to buy from the supplier.

So if you're contemplating new custom wardrobes and shelving but are concerned by budget, get in touch and we can talk through all the options to suit you. We've got some great examples of our bespoke storage on our Facebook page here.

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